Throughout our intensive program for college success, we learned to be persistent in our quest for knowledge, to never give up on challenges, to master and conquer any difficulty,and overcome any difficulty, and to clutch each and every opportunity for they might never reappear.

 We have also become more mature and in some small ways wiser, too.The intermittent cooperation placed on us made us become much more determined in our studies.

I have been taught to view ideas from other perspectives and angles, and to think outside the box.


Nimbus is my second abode I can never fail to recall in my life. As a professional it’s a privilege foe me and as a student it’s really an honor for me to be part of this institution. I really achieved many thins and also learned how to achieve my final goal of being a good human being & successful professional. Personal involvement of nimbus chairman in grooming career of its students & focus on developing leaders is an advantage for all associated with it. I wish I could write more but nevertheless I wish Nimbus best of luck and hope that this institute will become the college in India.


I completed my MBA in HR from Nimbus Academy of Management in 2010. In the two years, which I spent in Nimbus Academy of management, I have had the chance to work in monthly group presentations, speeches and comparing. That helped me and my batch- mates to grow personally as professionals. I feel as an MBA student, our faculty members had that responsibility to make certain that we get trained fabulously. They knew we would be competing in global market, one in which our competitors would be other students from different universities.


NIMBUS is an institution with great passion, Zeal which add value in their students at every stage of their curriculum. With its strong faculty and culture it makes us adapt to changing needs of the corporate world. It has given me an opportunity to try; test and fine tune my skills in a very different environment, which has now enriched my work life. My education at Nimbus was truly a wonderful experience.


Nimbus is a place where one can have great opportunity of learning and to groom professionally for any circumstances. In today’s scenario as we know that there is lots of opportunity in the market place and for me it could happened by the correct path and direction  given by the faculty members and respected director,  who had shown the correct path, and by which I am on my way of achieving my Goal .One thing I want to say to all “EVERY SUCCESS IS THE REASON FOR REDEFINNG THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS”.


To go for business management education is major decision for a young person, seeing a management career. But no less daunting task is to decide which B- SCHOOL to go for. An ideal B-SCHOOL offer curriculum which embrace the cutting edge of management concepts & practices. Create an environment which allow flowering o one own latent instincts, abilities& aspirations and most importantly allo9w interactivity, both within and outside the class, with an eminent faculty who have excelled in academics, industry or bath . on those Criteria, Nimbus Academy of Management Dehradun  scores High. It follows a curriculum which is benchmarked against the global best.